The Cathedral Button-down Collar Shirt


Groove in style with the ARA OGA CATHEDRAL BUTTON-DOWN COLLAR SHIRT—a true fashion revelation. Unlike mundane photo-text shirts, this vibrant piece is an ode to your roots, spirituality, and personal style. Craftily inscribed with “LAGOS” and featuring a nostalgic visual symphony of Lekki Cathedral, Keke-napep tricycles, and motorcycles, it captures the Nigerian ambience uniquely. Made from a meticulous blend of polyester and cotton, this shirt is not just comfortable—it's a vibe! Whether paired with shorts or pants, it radiates an effortlessly cool and comfy aura for summer days, beach outings, or casual dates. The button-down collar adds a playful touch, making it a must-have for both men and women seeking a trendy expression of self. Experience a trendy home-away-from-home feel, wrapped in the warmth of nostalgia. Express your identity in the language of style, and what better translator than the ARA OGA CATHEDRAL BUTTON-DOWN COLLAR SHIRT? It's not just an amazing piece; it's your identity stitched into every fabric.

Product Details:

  • Cotton and polyester composition
  • The Cathedral in discharge printing
  • Unisex
  • Color: orange