About us


 àrà = style // ọ̀gá = boss

àrà = style // ọ̀gá = boss

Àrà Ọ̀gá was founded as a medium to experiment, create and connect.
What is the essence of buying the most expensive clothes if I would be very uncomfortable in them?

This is what Àrà Ọ̀gá stands for- Luxury that's both stylish and comfortable.
As an African, particularly a Nigerian themed clothing line based in the USA, it is important that we express what our heritage means to us and make sure we are not losing touch with our indigenous style because we are far away from home.

By celebrating our identities and diversity as a people ,we create a sense of pride that cannot be disputed.
Inspired by motifs that remind us of our ever evolving Nigerian and African identities, our products prioritize ease and style, celebrating the everyday moment.

Made locally in California and sourced with intention. We do this for the ones far from home and the ones redefining what home means to them.