The Aba Women


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Imagine history woven into threads, each stitch a tale of its own. The Ara Oga Aba Women Collar Shirt is a vibrant tribute to African heritage, a tapestry of our stories, our struggles, and our triumphs. It beckons us to embrace our roots, celebrating our journey while adorning us with the flair to conquer today's fashion trend effortlessly. The piece has a sublime print of 1929 gracing the front, a nod to the past that's as stylish as it is meaningful. But wait, there's more! No need for a history search engine; the riot's brief tale is right there, printed boldly on the back. Just like every other Ara Oga product, the overall allure and aesthetics of this piece mandate it a conversation starter that sparks curiosity and celebrates our culture. For casuals, dates or hangouts, this Ara Oga gem ensures you're dressed to impress—history, style, and comfort!

Product Detail

  • Cotton and polyester combo
  • Ara Oga front print Logo
  • Collar down shirt
  • Brief history at the back
  • Colour: Black