Lagos T-Shirt


The ARA OGA LAGOS T-SHIRT eulogizes the street credibility and social grit of the quintessential Lagosian, encapsulating the Nigerian identity in an edgy visual language with its “LAGOS” inscription and yellow Danfo Bus image. Crafted from 100% washable vintage cotton, the fabric ensures comfort while seamlessly complementing the vigour of the average Lagosian. The urban outlook boldly articulates the cultural and fashion sensibilities of the average Nigerian, mirroring their rugged outward persona while embracing the desire for comfort and fun through its breathable texture. The oversized boxy fit delivers a bad-boy, trendy aesthetic, perfectly embodying the coming-of-age spirit of individuals in Nigeria. Elevate your wardrobe with the ARA OGA LAGOS T-SHIRT—a fusion of style, cultural pride, and comfort that transcends boundaries, embodying the spirit of the Lagosian.

Product Details

  • 100% cotton vintage washed
  • Oversized boxy fit
  • LAGOS and DANFO BUS print on shirt
  • ARA OGA logo hem tag on shirt
  • Color: black