EKO iPhone Case


For those who appreciate the Lagos street grit and credibility, the ARA OGA EKO-IPHONE CASE embodies that respect. Adorned with the EKO DANFO inscription, this iPhone case seamlessly merges technology, culture, and aesthetics. The monochrome silicone texture and soft shell exude a lush, posh feel, offering both style and protection. With full cover anti-knock dirt resistance and built-in flannel camera Protection, it ensures comprehensive safeguarding. The case's Straight edge i12 shape lends an edgy, minimalist look. The ARA OGA EKO-IPHONE CASE is a technological delight with aesthetic finesse, marrying functionality and style for those who appreciate the essence of Lagos streets—all encapsulated in a sleek phone case, harmonizing culture and modernity.

Product Details

  • Monochrome silicone
  • full cover anti-knock dirt resistant
  • Built-in flannel camera protection
  • Straight edge iPhone 12 shape
  • EKO DANFO detailed design
  • Soft shell
  • Color: black