EKO Bucket Hat


Slay in the trifecta of style, swag, and comfort with the ARA OGA EKO BUCKET-HAT in corduroy—a dream realized for fashion enthusiasts. Designed from 100% cotton, this hat elevates your style and comfort with a snug embrace, offering a comfy fit for all sizes. Adorned with a charming identity allure, it features a Custom ARA OGA text and a LAGOS BUS embroidery logo for that extra touch of flair. But here's the secret sauce—the hat not only caps off your look but ensures a good hair day with its silky lining around the base. Embrace the perfect fusion of fashion and functionality with the ARA OGA EKO BUCKET-HAT, where corduroy meets comfort in a stylish ensemble.

Product Detail:

  • Fabric: Corduroy
  • 100% cotton
  • Custom ARA OGA text and LAGOS BUS embroidery logo
  • Silk lining for hair protection
  • Colors: black, green, brown